Nuh Seren

Originally From Istanbul.

Graduated from the Department of Computer Science ın 2008. He studied Information Science in L'aquila University in Italy.
After Uni started on IT Career as a programmer, then joined Java Programming world. After many years he became team leader and technical senior consultant about Java and "Striim" product from Silicon Valley USA, which is working maintenance "BigData” and "Real Time Data Processing".

After 2017 he started to travel around Southeast Asia.. Then decided to start his own business in a Lovely country of Cambodia.

He is a founder of “Winbodia” and partner of “DormPoint Hostel & Restaurant”.

Nuh likes natural outdoor sport (rock climbing, trekking, camping) and to play rhythmic instruments.

Petra Ševečková

Originally from Slovakia, Petra is a lover of Cambodia and beautiful and sophisticated design. She studied cultural anthropology back home and then studied Multimedia Design and Communication in Copenhagen, Denmark. Scandinavian aesthetics grew on her and now she creates clean and effective designs. She loves mountains as well as the sea and is dedicated lover of coffee and cheesecake.

Chun Chenda

Originally From Cambodia, Siem Reap. Graduated bachelor as well as master degree of Finance and Banking. He used to work in several company such as hotel, restaurant and travel agency. He keen on investing and consulting about the real estate. He likes nature the most.